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1. Is the visible blue line something like this?

If so, it might be a matter of calibration. We’ve been able to hide it by panning and zooming in KinectViewer and saving that specific view. Seems to be related to zero elevation and virtual sandbox bounds. Some calibrations that have come out better than others do not show the line at all, and we can use the -fpv parameter in running the app. On some others, we’ve manually tweaked the image and have resorted to loading a pre-saved View.


RawKinectViewer and KinectViewer freeze while any key is held down

I’ve experienced that myself, it seems to occur when the launched app isn’t focused/active window. After launching for example RawKinectViewer, clicking on it with mouse before pressing anything on keyboard seemed to solve it for me.


the water animation stopped working all together.

This is most probably related to drivers and graphics card. In one calibration, just restarting the computer solved the problem for me. Once it came and went without any apparent changes to the system. I had same erratic symptoms with rain making. A restart fixed that – probably had something to do with rendering as well.


Curiously the water would start to animate again while moving the mouse

Locked/frozen screen until mouse is moved is something I’ve seen myself and this was fixed with installing proper graphics drivers and instructing the dedicated video card to run the app. Our last installation was on lenovo Y50-70 with GTX 860M, Fedora 19. It was a pain to get switchable graphics working on Fedora to being with. After updating to Fedora 21, disabling SELinux, reinstalling SARndox related software, installing proprietary drivers, Bumblebee etc, I finally managed to get it working. Without assigning dedicated video card to run the sandbox app, though, the video feed would freeze unless the mouse was moved.

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