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I also had this problem. The solution to the problem is here:
However, I could not find my Vrui.cfg file at the location mentioned in that post, so I searched around and found it. Here is what I did to fix the menu:

Open a terminal windows and type:
gedit /usr/local/etc/Vrui-4.2/Vrui.cfg
This should bring up a text editor window with the Vrui.cfg file.

Go to line 59, change uiFontTextHeight to a larger value. Based on your screen shot, I would increase it to at least 0.5 (default is 0.15). You may have to play around with this value until you find a good size.

Now go to line 53 and change uiSize to half of the value that you chose for uiFontTextHeight.

Finally, go to line 61 and change the value of uiSliderWidth to the sum of uiSize & uiFontTextHeight.
Save and close the file. The Vrui menu should appear larger in size the next time you run a Vrui application.

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