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We are setting up an AR Sandbox and following the online directions. We are running Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa, Mate 64 bit. We have a Kinect 360 connected with this adapter to a Dell Alienware laptop (the laptop has 3.0 USB ports). The Kinect is powered and has a steady blinking green light. When I type “lsusb” into a command window it recognizes the Xbox Kinect is connected. However when I try to do Step 5 in the setup instruction, typing in “sudo KinectUtil getCalib 0” it asks for a password, which I typed in and continue, but then I get “sudo:KinectUtil: command not found”. So it seems it’s not pulling anything from the Kinect firmware or even liking the command. I was reading on the forum that maybe you need to be plugged into a 2.0 USB port, but my laptop does not have that. Is there a work around or is there some sort of hub or converter I should be trying? Or is there an alternate command that can be used to try to talk to the Kinect and get its firmware downloaded?

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