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hi~ i got some weird problem with my kinect. i got 2 kinect ( 1414 and 1473 ) and i run on ubuntu16.04 / kinect3.2 / Vrui-4.2 / SARndbox-2.2

i use 1414 when i run “RawKinectViewer -compress 0” and the popup window with my kinect-detection is not always immediate~~

sometimes is black and white

sometimes is lattice

and most of times it’s seems stop at first second capture

and i follow the topic and try to usb2.0 or 3.0 and change different adapter it’s all the same

and when i press esc and try again, it’s will show

“caught exception kinect::camera::startStreaming:Failed to initialize streaming mode” then i need to re plug the kinect’s usb

however after i try several times ,and it’s will work (sometime many many many times ,sometimes few times)

i don’t know why and how but it’s troubled .

but! ~ when i use 1473 it’s all good without any problem (all the same hardware)

so @@?? any one knows how to fix? thanks a lot

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