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Oliver Kreylos

You can zoom in or out by holding the left mouse button and “z” and moving the mouse up or down, or by rolling the mouse wheel. But read the full instructions I linked in my initial reply. You can tell whether you’re at 1:1 scale by bringing up the scale bar (right click, select “Vrui System Menu”->”Show Scale Bar”. You can also change scale by clicking on the left or right ends of the scale bar.

Before scaling, bring the 3D surface point to which you want to zoom into the center of the screen by panning and/or dollying, so that the white crosshairs touch it. Otherwise, it will move away from you as you zoom in.

Vrui does not work with the commercial Oculus Rift, or with Google Cardboard. It works with the HTC Vive, or with the Oculus Rift DK2.

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