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Oliver Kreylos

The BenQ MW632ST’s native resolution is 1280×800, which yields a 16:10 aspect ratio. If you feed it a 4:3 1024×768 video signal, it might do the right thing and pad the signal on all sides so that you get a 4:3 inset of the native display panel. With DLP’s high contrast, you might not notice the overprojection.

When feeding a projector a non-native signal, look through all the menu options to see if there is some way to force its display engine to use 1:1 pixel mapping. By default, most projectors scale incoming video signals to their native resolutions, which introduces ugly artifacts, and might even stretch the image in one direction.

The same caveat goes for in-projector keystone correction: don’t use it unless you absolutely have to. You don’t need it for the AR Sandbox, as the projector calibration procedure takes care of keystone distortion automatically.

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