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Oliver Kreylos

Caught exception GLContext: GLX extension not supported on display :0 while initializing rendering window 0

This means that GLX, the X Window System binding for OpenGL, is not found on the local computer. Did you install the vendor-supplied drivers for your laptop’s Nvidia GeForce graphics card, and then reboot the computer to activate the drivers?

Please run
and look for “server glx vendor string” and “OpenGL vendor string” (should both be “NVIDIA Corporation”) and “OpenGL version string” which should be something like “3.3.0 NVIDIA 340.98.”

It is also possible that your laptop uses Nvidia’s Optimus technology to switch between the GeForce graphics card and the graphics adapter built into its Intel Core CPU. If that’s the case, it will get complicated. Optimus is nominally supported under Linux, but it needs to be set up manually. There is some background information in this somewhat outdated article, and setup instructions for Arch Linux that should be applicable to Ubuntu / Linux Mint in this post.

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