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Thanks for reiterating those commands Dr. Kreylos.

I have experimented with [demVerticalScale, demVerticalShift] further, but the flat plane problem remains.
I am wondering if anyone out there would consider reviewing the input files in question.
The data is accessible via the link below, including original DEM, translated *.asc data, and conclusive *.grid input.


For vertical exaggeration of the original z-axis elevation offset of ~10 meters, neither pre-processing of the raster image in GIS software, or actively adjusting the demVerticalScale within the SARndbox program seems to help.
Consistently, the red/blue areal indications suggest the construction of a flat plane. This is so even when using exaggerations greater than 10 (the provided inputs are at 20x) and upwards of 1000.

The input elevation data (z-axis) is in meters, and the horizontal (x,y-axes) are in UTM (meters).
It seems as though I might be missing a simple step in this process and remain hopeful to resolve.

Again, thanks.

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