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The MX 631 ST projector is out of production. Has anyone found a replacement? Must be short throw and 4:3 aspect. Thanks

I’m currently assisting another science center with an AR Sandbox installation and came across the following projector which looks quite promising…

Optoma W345

It has a 1.2 throw ratio, which means it must either be mounted a bit higher or a mirror must be used. Being 8-10 inches higher would not necessarily be a bad thing IMO. It also has slightly higher lumens, a better contrast ratio, and is a bit cheaper than the BenQ MW632ST. Anyone have firsthand experience with the Optoma W345 projector?

And oh yeah, it also has a 3-year warranty. I can’t find much in the way of reviews, but perhaps that’s because it was released rather recently. Other models of the Optoma brand do seem to get good reviews though.


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