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Oliver Kreylos

Tough problem. You could run shutdown --halt +120 when starting the sandbox to schedule system suspension two hours later. Then you’d modify the sandbox tool code to call shutdown -c to cancel the scheduled shutdown, and shutdown --halt +120 to schedule another one two hours later, whenever a button is pressed. That will keep the shutdown two hours ahead of any tool activity.

Instead of modifying the sandbox code, you could write a script that reads directly from the button controller’s device file (just like the sandbox does), and executes above sequence when there is new input. A second reader on the same device file shouldn’t interfere with sandbox operation, but I haven’t tried this.

To wake the computer back up, you could use an extra “wake-up” button that acts like a USB keyboard (those are a dime a dozen), and set your computer’s BIOS to wake up on keyboard activity.

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