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@dthesenga You’re on the right track if you saw the terrain turn blue. Dr. Kreylos described the way to make adjustments in this post earlier in this topic. Basically, you want to save the “input graph” to a file so you can edit it in a text editor. You need to find the tool you created to load the grid file, then add the demVerticalShift line as he descried. There is also a demVerticalScale value you can add, if you have extremes in the terrain data. Try it and see.

I found that I could Alt+Tab between the ARSandbox and the Text Editor where I changed the demVerticalShift value. Then you only need to reload the input graph (right-click the mouse, select Devices, Load Input Graph, select the file you just edited/saved in the Text Editor).

Once you have found the right value for the vertical shift, it’s about the same for most grid files. It shouldn’t vary by much (I think). Your results might differ from mine.

S. Harned

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