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Funny how a few days so easily turns into a few weeks.
Please pardon the delay.

@Oliver Kreylos
Tested the two recommended actions, both of which included periodic arm waving within the sensors view space;
> KinectViewer -compress -c 0 expressed no freeze or lag for extended runtime (~20 min.)
> SARndbox… + -ws 0 0 cause the SARndbox to not startup with the following full command string;
SARndbox -wts 640 480 -uhm -fpv -ws 0 0 -cp ~/.../Control.fifo
I recently found this posting of similar context in another forum. Of interest is the following claim,

…or hardware getting bored and switching to standby

Could this be a possible cause for the lag and freeze? If so, are there any ways to test and mitigate?

All the physical connections associated with the Kinect appear to be nominal. I suppose the next step is purchasing a new Kinect sensor, USB cables, and USB controller – but impoverished pockets would prefer such as a last resort…

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