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If you mean after setting it up how to run it quickly I created a desktop launcher (shortcut) which is linked to the binary file and means I don’t have to run it from the terminal every time I want to use it. Right-click on the desktop and press create new launcher here… and then in command simply navigate to the bin/SARndbox file and make sure to append extra commands at the end (i.e. -fpv -uhm and whatever else you want to change).

If you’re going to be moving it to different places it might be worth making similar launchers for the calibration programs as well as the kinect/projector can move in transit.

I also have a little external usb keyboard with a laser pointer. I set up keys to work with different calibration input keys and Sandbox options (eg. dry rain) and use the usb keyboard when calibrating so that I don’t get sand on the computer. The instructions for configuring the file are in here.

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