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Generally speaking, the recommended projector is relatively expensive because it is a short throw projector and it has a native aspect ratio of 4:3.

I have no personal experience with the mentioned projector, but quickly checked a projector calculator. It seems with the standard dimensions of a 75 cm by 100 cm Sandbox the projector would need to be 2m above the sand surface. I think this is not an option in most rooms, not to mention the kinect sensor needs to be mounted about 1m above, so it would be in the way.
If you already have this projector laying around or for whatever reason insist on using it you could theoretically use a mirror to split the path of light in to two parts. To avoid interference with the kinect, mount the mirror next to it at 1m above the sand and the projector 1m away from it, either horizontally or vertically. The later would mean mounting the projector to the Sandbox looking up which could mean it would get dirty very quickly. Keep in mind that the mirror needs to be a minimum of 37,5 cm by 50 cm for a 50/50 split, add to that room for the trapezoid distortion (keystone) depending on the angle.
Another potential problem is that the cheaper projector has an aspect ratio of 16:10, the kinect and therefore the ideal sandbox is 4:3. This will lead to overprojection, which could be an issue.

We are building an AR Sandbox using a mirror right now, but our projector only needs 1,3m meters of distance. If you want we can keep you updated on how the mirror setup works out for us. Overprojection does so far not appear to be a noticeable problem however.

greetings from Germany,

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