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Frank Conforti

It is just normal play sand, just heavily wetted. After sculpting the sand, I spray water on it which generates the clumping effect. Adds texture to the sand’s appearance. We go through a lot of water in a day when the sandbox is on display.

The capture software just uses pictures taken with normal cameras. I took the pictures with my iPhone as it was the only camera I had when I decided to do this little experiment. I was curious how it would come out given the subject is essentially self-illuminated. I wanted to see what effect the projector lighting would have on the model. When you “fly” over the terrain, no shadow is cast onto the sand! You can look straight down at the model in ways you can’t in real life.

As I said, the outcome from my experiment was a pleasant surprise. I’m thinking of doing some screen recording of flythroughs and turn it into a YouTube video.

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