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Hi elisek,
what you are trying to do sounds incredibly interesting and useful. Let me just say that i am not anywhere near qualified to talk about this but here are three things that came to my mind:
Did you account for the different resolutions of depth and color stream? That would of course only be relevant if the coordinate system is pixel-based
did you calibrate both in the same way? i.e. the vector orthogonal to the Box floor, i think its called camera space vector in the calibration procedure
Is the distortion from different terrain height relevant here ?

I highly doubt that this will help but i would love to hear about how your project is coming along.

In another one of your posts i read about your modifications to the hydrology model, did you have any success with that?
I am part of a group of rescue-engineering students from the university of applied sciences TH Köln and we are working on a similar idea, teaching about river flood risks, human factors and prevention. Perhaps you can share some information on your project, we are very interested in that.

Greetings from Germany,

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