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I am with you. I produce and maintain open-source projects as well, software and hardware. Once in a while I get $5 to $20 donations from people I don’t know! It’s not really what I have to get but that’s what’s reminding me that people value my contribution. A post on my blog saying that my stuff is useful would be nice too. A small monetary donation per unit sold, helping noobs getting started with their own build, spreading the word, contributing to the source code… Anything helps I suppose. That’s why I’m here. I built two prototypes and my son loves playing with the sandbox! I’m also writing a proposal to make more units for water resources education in my state.


It’s a wonderful tool! I can’t speak for Dr. Kreylos but I thought that more units means more science education and more people care about science and environment. I’d say it’s good for you!


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