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Hi, almost certainly the issue is that the projector is an ultra short throw style, meaning it’s designed to go very close to it’s screen and project a very wide image. So for example on a coffee table say only 4ft from the wall – perfect for home gaming or movies.

So at 40inches it’s simply projecting an image that is way too big for your sandbox. So you have three options.
A) it’s possible that the projector has a digital zoom or clamp function, where you can set a menu item in the projector to shrink the image.
B) move the projector closer to the sand surface, by mounting it on a vertical pole at the rear centre of the sandbox, rather than overhead. The the downside of this is that the image alignment​ will be compromised, in practice it will still look great and work fine for a learning project. The effect is the contour lines will be effectively tilted to the projection lens rather than truly horizontal. This is the practical solution and will still be amazing.
C) change projectors.

The Kinect does need to stay about 40inches and vertically centered on the sandbox.

The rawimage viewer should just see the edges of the sandbox and then these are eliminated during the calibration stage.

I’d recommend using the startup script from malamaker as it makes the calibration etc much easier.

Good luck, the calibration stage can be challenging. Hang in there..

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