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Thanks for the info in this thread, just posting to share what I have learned about the DEM loader.

I noticed that the demVerticalShift depends on how you have calibrated your sandbox’ base-plane. If in Step 8 of the Complete Installation Instructions you placed a flat surface over the walls of your sandbox to extract the base-plane, your demVerticalShift will be approximately equal to the distance between this flat surface and the leveled-out sand. You will also need to select a vertical shift if you changed the base-plane equation in any way (i.e. to raise your height map scale). However, if you calibrated your base-plane simply by leveling out the sand, and did not alter the output base-plane equation, then your vertical shift should be close to zero.

If your sandbox, in DEM mode, is instructing you to build a flat surface, that means either your DEM is too flat (adjust demVerticalScale), or it was not loaded correctly. For me, with SARndbox 2.3 the DEM would not load correctly if I selected “Load Input Graph”, when the input graph did not specify a demFileName. This causes the sandbox to prompt me to select my DEM, and happily accepts it, but fails to render it correctly. To fix this, set demFileName within your input graph.

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