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thanks bakelew4952, but i’m still not having any luck.

i configured my box just with the flat plane of sand. the offset in my box file is -114.

i tried to use that as the demVerticalShift and it’s just all red, with no changes as i move sand.

same thing if i tried to set it to 0.

and then i tried positive 114 and it’s all blue.

then i worked back and forth and ended up with 70, which has some blue, some read and just a little bit of white.

i have no idea where “70” came from. the dem file i’m using was created by the script and i’m not using any parameters. for kicks, i tried using the -o parameter to scale it to 0.0 and it has no effect. i also tried scaling it to -114 with no effect as well.

anyway, it’s kind of frustrating. i wish i understood what was going on.

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