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Hi OlliyFox, welcome to the forum
you canbuy a ready made Sandbox, expect to pay quite a bit for it though. Google will show some retailers in your area, most commercially available ones are based on a russian software similar to SARndbox. I wouldn’t suggest you go that route as it will not only be very expensive but can also take quite a while to ship.
About building it yourself: Factor in about 800$ for a decent PC, 500$ for a projector and around 150$ for wood, sand and hardware. Add to that a mouse and keyboard and you are at 1,5k. Also this will leave you with an AR Sandbox you have no real use for.
Do not underestimate the building part. Depending on how handy you are and the build quality you are aiming for it will take quite a while. It took us weeks, admittedly with little experience and without a proper wood workshop.
Also, you say building it to spec – there is no spec, it greatly depends on your projector, the one most guides are based on is sold out at the time.
If you have prior linux experience and know what you are doing it is indeed really simple to install the software, if you don’t it can get difficult.
Doing it in a week is possible if you are willing to spend every day on it. Perhaps i’m exaggerating, i guess engineering students tend to overthink. I’d love to hear how long it took others in the forum to build theirs.

I´m not telling you not to build your own Sandbox, it is definitely possible, many have done it. But if you have absolutely no passion for it, it may become quite a dread.

My suggestion would be to first try to borrow or rent an AR Sandbox, at the bottom of this site you will find a world map of publicly accessible AR Sandboxes, perhaps there is one near you. Additionally you could try to search for your area and “AR Sandbox”, they tend to attract media attention and especially schools will post quite proudly about their latest gadget.
We have a fully functional one in Cologne, Germany. I’d gladly lend it to you but i’m afraid you live far away.

Alternatively you can always contract a carpenter near you for the woodwork and find an enthusiastic student willing to take care of the installation and configuration for little money.

Greetings from Germany,

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