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Hi Olly, as David said – with a short time frame then prior Linux knowledge is probably the biggest hurdle.

On a good day… (and it’s your 3rd rebuild..) you simply follow the install instructions and it bursts into life.

In the real world, the install instructions are seriously cryptic until you’ve been around the loop a few times.

If you have some Linux knowledge – or can get a tame geek – then the only real hurdle to having a go at it, is the cost of a specific type of projector. As far as I understand it – the quirk with the projector is that it needs an uncommon throw ratio of around 1:1 or less – when it is 1 metre (3ft) from the sand it basically needs to throw an image 1 metre(3ft) or more wide, and this is an unusual configuration.

Its neither the common short throw projector – like often used in a classroom, nor is it normal/long throw which is the common style. I have just got an epson powerlite 1761w Ebay US$400 to test.

For testing you can leave the water simulation turned off and the software/xbox sensor combination will run on any(?) (most?) gaming grade machines, so you can get started pretty easily, then grab a proper graphics card when you are confident.

The physical construction is pretty straight forward and can be pretty cheap/temporary. Its only really navigating Linux thats the big headache for us noobs.

FWIW – you should have a quick try – its easy to find out how much of a learning curve it is for you – just grab/borrow a decent gaming PC and a kinect camera, drop in a spare drive with a new linux install as per the instructions. Don’t worry about a projector for a start – get it working on two screens – if you can get it starting/stopping/ and beginning to calibrate the alignment process then all good and it’s time to think about a projector. Ignore the sand until everything is working on a table top or wall, then start thinking about the hardware build.

Good luck.


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