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Well, the problems remain….but maybe not – I think I just need some clarification:

I set up the sandbox just like I have twice before, but the image is distorted under -fpv elongated object images, and huge spikes at the edge of the box, and black patches in the center of the box.

BUT — if you push sand into the dark patch, it changes color…AND, if you slowly and gently twist the kinect along its’ long axis, gradually the spikes disappear and the sand surface almost clears up…but no quite.

AND…if you lower the Kinect by a foot or so, that seems to help….or adding 20 or so to the camera space equation.

So…check my thinking: There is an absolute maximum height for the kinect, and the sensor element must be as close to horizontal in x, and y….add to that the fact that the projector must be in 4:3 aspect ratio with manual keystone….

Do I understand correctly?

Also – is there a way to reduce the zoom in non -fpv mode besides the click wheel on the mouse…the intervals between clicks are a tad too large…if I could get a half-click…..well…

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