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i may be totally wrong here but as far as i know there is currently no built in way to crop the extend of the sandbox. The boxlayout file only affects water simulation, the software will always use and thus project the entire field of view of the kinect.
One relatively simple solution for this problem would be to
– take a screenshot of SARandbox in fullscreen
– import screenshot into gimp
– make a new layer and draw black boxes over parts you don´t want to project on
– deactivate screenshot layer
– export as .png (or any other transparent image format)
– use an image viewer capable of displaying transparent images to overlay it over SARndbox
– done – the projector will not project on the posts and they wont adversely affect water simulation since they are registered as mountains

alternative: use a window manager that lets you draw on screen and automate that process

i have not tried any of this myself and i am sure there are better solutions if you can alter the source code or write a tool to clip the box extend

as for calibration, just pick two points for each corner, one with the correct x-coordinate and one with the correct y-coordinate and then choose the appropriate coordinate from each point. In my experience you will end up tweaking it manually anyways so don´t worry about it all too much.

if you can, let us know how you handled the problem so others can learn from you; I´m actually quite curious how the built went along


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