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I have a sandbox up at a local interactive children’s museum, where one of the more exciting things for the kids to do is to toss the sand into the air and watch the rainbow colors fall back down. This creates a ton of dust, which gets sucked right into the projector. Personally, I simply remove the projector, open it up and clean it out. This has allowed the system to work for about 6 months, so far, with only one cleaning of the projector.

I have considered, basically, enclosing the top portion of the sandbox, with the projector and 3d camera, in a ventilated box, with a piece of glass under the projector lens and 3d camera. I have heard that there are filter films that can be put on the glass to get the n-value close to that of air, but have not looked into it (with just glass, there should be slight separation of wavelengths, which may adversely affect the projector output, and may greatly affect the 3d camera). The dust does seem to, eventually, lessen. I never did a wash on the sand, either.

You may also try a simple fan, to keep the dust from getting to the projector. One placed above the projector, aiming down at the projector, may keep most of the dust away.

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