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Oliver Kreylos

Thanks for figuring it out and following up. I’m still replying as this might affect more users.

The Vrui toolkit underlying the AR Sandbox uses the real-world sizes advertised by monitors and some projectors to figure out how large text and other user interface components need to be to be usable. This generally works well, but some monitors lie about their own sizes, causing problems. To figure out how big your monitor(s) think they are, run from a terminal window:

$ xrandr

This will list all connected displays and their physical sizes. Excerpt from mine:

HDMI-0 connected 2160x1200+3840+0 ... 122mm x 68mm
DP-0 connected primary 3840x2160+0+0 ... 621mm x 341mm

Both of these happen to be correct (HDMI-0 is an HTC Vive head-mounted display).

If your monitors think they are way larger than they really are, text will be too small. One way to fix this is to override the monitors’ self-reported sizes through an X configuration file, and another one is to disable Vrui’s screen size auto-detection, which may be easier, and make more sense if the screen is a projector.

Open Vrui.cfg, which is by default in /usr/local/etc/Vrui-<version>>, with a text editor ($ pluma /usr/.../Vrui.cfg) and find “section Screen” inside “section Desktop.” Then edit the “width” and “height” settings to match the width and height of your sandbox (in inches), and adjust “origin” so that it is (-width/2, -height/2, 0), which will put (0, 0, 0) in the middle of the screen.

Then find “section Window” further down, and set “autoScreenSize” to “false”. If text is still too big/small afterwards, adjust text size directly by editing “uiFontTextHeight” further up in “section Desktop”.

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