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Hi, a while ago I roughed up an arduino with IR motion sensor mounted near the projector (epson). I used the arduino to capture the IR codes, Then had a routine that would send the power down code when a timer timed out, unless it had recently received a IR sensor trigger event. Note that one issue is to ensure there are separate power on, and power off, codes otherwise they will inevitably be accidentally swapped.

From memory the workaround was to use the input selector code as the wake up / proxy for power on command. If the projector was off then sending the AV1 input command would wake it up and select the right input, whereas if it was already on, then sending that command will cause it to only reselect the correct input, so one command covers both power conditions correctly. The routine doesn’t check for triggering again until the timer expires to avoid constantly sending wakeup commands.

I also included hardwired buttons for wake and sleep on the button panel that initiated sending the IR code to the projector – just to cover all options.

This wasn’t on a Benq projector and sorry it was too long ago for the specifics off the top of my head, however I’m about to climb back into this so will make a post when its reliable…


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