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There are probably a few ways to do this. One is that there is a DEM saver for the elevation data. You can go find that code and use it to get the projected and calibrated elevation. This would
probably be the easiest.

If you learn more OpenGL you can actually have a buffer that gets filled in with the fixed-up elevations from the processing that is done in OpenGL to fic the data. This is pretty quick and the Host CPU
does very little work, you can get the elevation for every update frame. You would then have to process the data and then feed the info back into OpenGL. You would still need some OpenGL coding, but probably
not too bad.

The other technique is to really learn the graphics shaders and add a new shader that would take the elevation data in the OpenGL engines and process it and color the output with your data instead.
this is the fastest to run, probably the hardest to do if you don’t know OpenGL and shaders.

I once did something with the get the OpenGL to process the buffers and then hand the buffers to the Host, so that the Host could then save them out. I may be able to find that code. It isn’t clean, but I did get what appeared to be corrected elevation data.


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