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…and the tolerance level when the sand is coloured white. To adjust these settings, it is easiest to assign a DEM tool as above, and then save the current tool setup by selecting “Save Input Graph” from the “Devices” sub-menu of the Vrui system menu. This creates a text file with the settings for the DEM tool inside. After adjusting the settings, the complete tool setup can be loaded back…

The following is one of those saved ‘input graphs’. Where and what exact syntax must be inserted to adjust the tolerance of the white band (the colour indicating where the sand matches the target DEM)? I want to make the system more tolerant. By default it is impossible for users to ever build a DEM-matched 3D terrain that is completely white (with all blue and red areas eliminated). Please advise:

section InputGraph
	section Tool0
		toolClass DEMTool
		bindings ((Mouse, 5))
	section Tool1
		toolClass LocalWaterTool
		bindings ((Mouse, g, h))
	section Tool2
		toolClass DEMTool
		bindings ((Mouse, 4))
	section Tool3
		toolClass GlobalWaterTool
		bindings ((Mouse, 1, 2))
	section Tool4
		toolClass RayMenuTool
		bindings ((Mouse, Mouse3))
		drawRay true
		rayColor (1, 0, 0)
		rayWidth 3
	section Tool5
		toolClass FPSNavigationTool
		bindings ((Mouse, q, a, d, s, w, Space))
		activationToggle true
		rotateFactors (5, 5)
		moveSpeeds (200, 200)
		fallAcceleration 386.220472440944889
		jumpVelocity 157.480314960629926
		probeSize 12
		maxClimb 12
		azimuthStep 0
		fixAzimuth false
		levelOnExit false
		drawHud true
		hudColor (0, 1, 0)
		hudDist 24
		hudRadius 5
		hudFontSize 0.112500004
	section Tool6
		toolClass ScrollTool
		bindings ((Mouse, MouseWheel))
		drawRay true
		rayColor (1, 0, 0)
		rayWidth 3
	section Tool7
		toolClass WidgetTool
		bindings ((Mouse, Mouse1))
		drawRay true
		rayColor (1, 0, 0)
		rayWidth 3
	section Tool8
		toolClass DEMTool
		bindings ((Tool5, Button4))
	section Tool9
		toolClass MouseNavigationTool
		bindings ((Tool7, Button0), (Mouse, z, LeftShift), (Tool6, Valuator0))
		rotatePlaneOffset 2.5
		rotateFactor 2.5
		invertDolly false
		dollyCenter true
		scaleCenter true
		dollyingDirection (-0, -0, -1)
		scalingDirection (-0, -0, -1)
		dollyFactor 1
		scaleFactor 2.5
		wheelDollyFactor -10
		wheelScaleFactor 0.5
		spinThreshold 0.0750000029802322388
		showScreenCenter true

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