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Oliver Kreylos

The underlying issue is that your monitor/projector thinks it’s very large. Vrui bases everything on real-world measurements (i.e., fonts are configured to be 11pt by default), but if the graphics system misdetects your monitor, things will go astray. Run this from a terminal window:

xdpyinfo | grep dimensions

which will tell you how big the graphics system thinks your screen/projection image is (in mm).

The ideal solution would be to set your display’s size to reality, but requires rooting around in system files. It’s easier either to 1) tell Vrui directly how big your screen is, or 2) exaggerate the font size Vrui uses.

2) is easier: open Vrui.cfg in a text editor:

gedit ~/Vrui-3.1/etc/Vrui.cfg

go to line 58, and adjust the value of uiFontTextHeight to your liking. Once you found your favorite value, set uiSize (in line 52) to half that value, and uiSliderWidth (line 60) to the sum of uiSize and uiFontTextHeight.

1) Open Vrui.cfg as above, and change autoScreenSize in line 146 to false, then go to lines 107 and 109 and set the actual width and height of your screen in inches. Adjust origin in line 105 accordingly.

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