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Well kind off, I ended up with a quite dirty hack but that works good enough for my (current) purpose. This is what we ended up doing:
– map a key shortcut for the sandbox software to output the elevation data into a file
– run at the same time the sandbox software and my own software (let’s call it SlopeStab).
– Every so often SlopeStab use a system call to simulate a key press on the sandbox window (with xdotool)
– SlopeStab reads the elevation data from the created file, do come computation, and then display the result in a completely separate window, that is displayed above the sandbox window.

Things that are not working great:
– this is slow, the output framerate is at about 1fps. But it’s not really an issue since I don’t have anything flowing
– it relies on some initial calibration for SlopeStab to get realistic elevation and region of interest
– the elevation data is offset in the plane, so a ~5cm band of sand cannot be used. I have no idea wgt?
– sometimes the sandbox window pop back in focus and covers the SlopeStab window. I’m sure it’s possible to avoid that but haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to figure it out.

So all in all, a very dirty trick but that works good enough. I can send you the codes I am using if you are interested.

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