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Hi Gang. After much effort, trying to get software to work as desired, I will attempt to describe my completed “post installation” steps that I went through. I have used various tips and tricks from other users here. I will try to note them as I go. Please note, I am assumig that you have completed the steps from the Complete Setup guide found here. So this means you are using Vrui 4.2-006, Sandbox 3.2 and kinect 3.2 software, and it turns on and works accordingly. My computer setup is an Alienware Alpha (excellent form factor, with a core i5 CPU, Nvidia m970 video card (yes that works well enough) and 8 gigs of ram)

The things I have done are:

  • Setup the two Application Configuration files noted above in this post. (this is where you hardcode buttons or keyboard keys to run scripts and functions) I used keyboard keys at this time. Button instructions are available here
    1. keys 1 and 2 are global flood and drain
    2. keys 3 and 4 are local flood and drain (wherever the pointer is)
    3. key 5 is a screen capture tool (thanks Peggy) it does require you to install a new package on your linux called “scrot”
    4. Key 6 is the “change weather” or “change substance” tool (thanks ajy00)
  • Created a ~/src/ScreenShots folder to receive the scrot images (when the 5 key is pressed)
  • Created a ~/src/scripts folder to place the various scripts (thanks again to Peggy)
  • Collected many shader files for changing the colour of the “rain”/weather even though I only use 4 (thanks to INTPTT and Oliver mostly)

Here is a image of what is contained in my zip file.
Contents of the Zip file

After completing the Complete installation guide, and the Post installation follow up:

  1. Download the zip file above
  2. From the zip file, Copy the two .cfg files (from the dot-config/Vrui-4.2/Applications folder in your .config/Vrui-4.2/Applications folder (note: the .config folder is hidden in your home folder. You may need to turn on “show hidden files” if you are using “file explorer” on the desktop
  3. In your src folder, create a new folder called ScreenShots<\li>
  4. In your src folder, copy the scripts folder from the zip file<\li>
  5. copy the contents of the shaders folder from the zip file to the `/src/SARndbox-2.3/share/SARndbox-2.3/shaders folder<\li>

    Possible issues with trying things out.
    <li>run each script from the terminal to make sure it works.<\li>
    <li>edit the scripts to reflect your folder structure. The script files will allow a relative folder reference such as “`/src” but the .cfg files will not<\li>

  6. Edit the SARndbox.cfg file to reflect your folder structure. Where you see “/home/sandbox/…” replace sandbox with your username on you system.<\li>
  7. Check the spelling of your code! I can not tell you how many times I had to reboot my machine just because I missed an “s” for an “S” LinuxMint uses is a case sensitive file system<\li>

    If all works out when you run your sandbox software, keys 1-6 should do something. If you come across a key which presents the interactive menu from the sandbox software then something went wrong with the assignment of the keys, Check the spe

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by mkaszuba.

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