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Hi Williamhsu, Did you complete the Steps from the Complete Installation guide? Did the software work prior to making my changes? If the answer is no to either of those two questions please try again. Verify the software works before you use my files.

Just to reiterate, the folder structure is vital, and spelling is also vital. Folder locations I used/modified are:

  • /home/sandbox/.config/Vrui-4.2/Applications for the two cfg files as noted above in this thread
  • /home/sandbox/src/SARndbox-3.2/share/SARndbox-2.3/shaders for the shader files.
  • /home/sandbox/src/ScreenShots to receive the screen capture files.<\li>
  • /home/sandbox/src/scripts to place all the script files.<\li>
  • /home/sandbox/src/Vuri-4.2-006/Vrui/Tools for the extra two code files to allow scripting.

After you copy the two code files to the tools folder you must “remake” the vrui app to include the new two new code files. The details can be found this post here

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