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I really appreciate your help. Your reply got me started. I got the named pipe working after some reading on what a named pipe is. It got me what I wanted but is not easy to integrate into GUI buttons. I wanted to have this feature included in the GUI. It took me a day to peel off the layers of code and finally zeroed in the code that updates the values from the named pipe, find a way to make changes to the height using buttons without running into problems of a struct that was defined internally in sandbox. Now my system will raise and lower the color mapping at the press of 5 and 6. Water simulation seems unaffected by the change of color. That’s what I wanted. You may have too much sand for oceans or too little for all the green land. You just have to adjust color mapping with a knob instead of adding/removing sand or changing a value in a file and rerun the simulation. Pushing buttons beats interacting with Linux for teaching/outreach. I’ll now make the electronics to simulate 5 and 6 using a knob up and down.


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