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Thanks for the direction. I’m sure there’s more than one solution to this problem. I’m more concerned with how to keep a Python script in focus to receive button pushes and still utilize the water tools (sandbox needs to stay in focus). Maybe there needs to be a push to add more features to the named pipe command parser to have two way communication so the sender may know the current status or sandbox needs more methods to deal with requests such as global water, increment or decrement base plane, etc. Then maybe I should connect my box to the script via serial port and just send serialized command to the script that will send it on to sandbox’s named pipe or maybe even weld the serial port to the named pipe to rid the need of a script. There must be a Linux way to “weld” the pipe to the serial port. Maybe some udev rules that fixes serial port name binding so it wouldn’t change between reboots and other devices being inserted in USB. I’ll have to learn that somehow. Anyway, I started with the simple idea that my box should seamlessly add on to an existing sandbox since it emulates button pushes. Now the source code has to change so there is no simple way to add to an existing sandbox without some “professional” help to the operator of the box 🙂

I’m thinking about simple wrapper functions to get global water or base plane features so they can be called either by named pipe parser or Vrui tool callback.

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