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Oliver Kreylos

To your questions:

1) You can align the projector however necessary to fill the box with light. It’s generally a bit better for focus if the projector is at a right angle to the box base / flat sand surface, as the focus plane will then be horizontal as well. But if you have a projector that projects too much above centerline, you can push it into the sandbox, and tilt it the other direction to avoid blind spots. Important: Do not use the projector’s built-in keystone correction controls. The projector calibration step at the end will do keystone correction for you. Built-in keystone correction degrades image quality.

You should focus the projector on the average sand surface. That way it will be least blurry during use. If you have to tilt your projector, focus it so that the middle of the average sand surface is sharp.

2) It doesn’t really matter how the projected image overlays the box, as long as it fills it sufficiently and doesn’t go too much over the sides (which may cause problems seeing the calibration disk). Projector calibration will take care of it. I just installed an AR Sandbox with a 16:10 projector over a 4:3 box, with the projected image hanging over the sides. It didn’t cause issues, since the image outside the box is all black and the overprojection is invisible.

3) As I said above, it’s OK to push the projector in and tilt it backwards if you need to.

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