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Oliver Kreylos

As the Kinect package’s README file says:

Installation Guide

3. If the Vrui version installed in step 0 was not 4.2, or Vrui’s
installation directory was changed from the default of /usr/local,
adapt the makefile using a text editor. Change the value of
VRUI_MAKEDIR close to the beginning of the file as follows:
VRUI_MAKEDIR := /share/make
is the installation directory chosen in
step 0. Use $(HOME) to refer to the user’s home directory instead
of ~.

I realize this may be a little confusing. What you need to do is edit the makefile of the Kinect package to say

VRUI_MAKEDIR := /usr/local/share/Vrui-4.5/make

instead of

VRUI_MAKEDIR := /usr/local/share/Vrui-4.2/make

While you’re at it, I recommend downloading Kinect-3.4 and SARndbox-2.4, which are the current versions of those packages.

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