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Oliver Kreylos

The error means that the projector calibration matrix that’s created as part of final calibration doesn’t exist yet (I assume you haven’t run that step yet). You can run the sandbox without, but you have to leave off the -fpv command line argument. In that mode, the topography is drawn as a regular 3D surface, and you can use mouse and keyboard to rotate, translate, and scale it. See the Vrui Application User Guide for details.

Did you install Linux Mint according to the instruction video, i.e., using Mate as a desktop environment? Then the fullscreen shortcut should be there.

If you installed another desktop environment, it might not be. In that case, you can force the sandbox to start in fullscreen mode by creating a new file Vrui.cfg inside the /home/ardadmin/src/SARndbox-1.5-001/ directory, with the following (exact) contents:

section Vrui
  section Desktop
    section Window
      windowFullscreen true

If you then run the sandbox as follows:

$ cd /home/ardadmin/src/SARndbox-1.5-001
$ ./bin/SARndbox

(adding the usual command line parameters), it will start in fullscreen.

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