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Oliver Kreylos

We don’t have a guide for running the AR Sandbox (yet).

To your question: That should work. To enable the button in the software, start the AR Sandbox as usual, and then press and hold some key, say “9”. This will pop up a tool selection menu. Move the mouse to select “Manage Water” from the bottom, and let go of the key you pressed. This will bring up a dialog window asking you to press another button to assign to the “Drain” function. Now press the USB button, and the dialog window will go away.

Now, if you press and hold “9”, or whatever key you picked, it will rain, and if you press and hold the USB button, the water will drain.

To make the assignment permanent, press the right mouse button to bring up the main menu, move down to “Vrui System,” then to “Devices,” and finally select “Save Input Graph…”. This will suggest a file name; take note of the file name and location, and select “OK” to save.

To load the new input graph on startup, run the sandbox as

$<SARndbox location>/SARndbox [usual command line arguments] -loadInputGraph <location>/<file name>

You can keep the original file name, or rename the file and move it to a convenient location.

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