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Here’s some more detail on this problem.

It’s a portable design. Great attention to detail was made with this design to ensure that setup and break-down would not disturb the relative position of the projector, camera and sandbox. The sandbox has been used at two events over the last two months without any problems. It worked perfectly both times without the need to re-calibrate. Then last week after setting it up again it didn’t show any contour lines or show colors. So, I attempted to run the calibration and noticed that there wasn’t the typical green image for the Kinect camera when doing the align and 3D Extents. What I see is an image that is green around the edges and solid black in the middle. I concluded that the camera must have failed. So, we purchased three cameras. One from eBay and two from Amazon. All of these produced the same result. So, it would seem that the problem is not the camera. We also purchased three more USB Power adapters thinking that maybe that was the problem. That didn’t solve it either.

We have committed to show the box at another event next week.

Please respond if you have any idea about what might be causing this problem or suggestions for troubleshooting.

I was able to to do the camera align and do the 3D extents using the corners of the image which are green (even though the middle is all black) and it produces a normal looking set of data.

When running align the projector to the camera the cross hairs show up but it does not respond to the 1 key. Note that I have implemented the changes described in the Post Installation Setup shown here >> This was used when it was originally calibrated two months ago and it worked perfectly. Could this now be causing a problem?

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