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I am having the same rain cloud issue! I have been running SARndbox-1.6 for sometime now and chose to update to SARndbox-2.5, Vrui-4.5, and Kinect-3.5 just last week. While the forming rain clouds with a hand worked perfectly with the older software (SARndbox-1.6, Vrui-3.1, Kinect-3.5), I cannot get the same feature to work properly in the updated version. I am able to manual use the Local Water Tool but rain clouds with a hand or other device to mimic a hand does not work. All other features seem to work.

I have tried adjusting settings with -rer, running without the default bindings with the GlobalWaterTool established for Mouse 1 and 2, increasing and decreasing -ws values from 0.25, and initiating the LocalWaterTool and then trying rain clouds with a hand. Every so often if I have held my hand for an extended period of time over the box, water will appear in areas near where I was attempting to make it rain. When that is the case, it always appears in small amounts and I am not able to add to it. Furthermore, since updating I have been able to use the rain cloud feature if running the older version.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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