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Oliver Kreylos

OK, your problem is that your computer doesn’t have a (dedicated) graphics card, but is using the integrated graphics processor (IGP) that’s part of modern Intel CPUs. You got bad information from StackExchange; the “4” in GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 is not an OpenGL version number, but a version number for that specific OpenGL extension. It just so happens that the IGP in your specific Intel CPU doesn’t support it — not surprising, as it is meant for “business graphics” and not serious 3D work.

CalibrateProjector’s use of that extension snuck into the newest AR Sandbox software version unintentionally. Try downgrading to version 2.3 of SARndbox and see if that works, but in the best case, without a dedicated graphics card, the AR Sandbox won’t be able to support water simulation. You’ll have to turn that off by passing -ws 0 0.0 to SARndbox’s command line.

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