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First I want to thank you for your vision, time and dedication toward creating this complex suite of VR software. I built and brought a AR Sandbox to the Burning Man festival last year and it was a big hit. The most difficult part of the project was providing a dust free, climate controlled environment for the computer and projector – the temperatures exceeded 100F almost everyday so it was a challenge.

Perhaps this feature already exists and have not yet found it, but I would like to second one of the requests made up-thread – I would like to be able to create fixed local water sources and sinks to allow for continuously flowing water. Beyond making big volcanoes, the second most popular construction was that of dams and winding rivers. One’s arm can get pretty tired holding a hand out over fixed location to achieve this. Again, perhaps this feature already exists and I am just overlooking it. I spent enough time looking at the code to figure out that that I would need to learn quite a bit more about the underlying architecture to add the feature myself. My approach would involve adding or modifying the local water tool functionality to support key bindings to support placement of permanent source or sink at the current hand position. I would probably use the global water tool to erase any fixed local water placements.

Oh, the new water simulation mode is fantastic!

Thanks. -g.b.

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