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Oliver Kreylos

There isn’t a direct feature for continuous local rain in the AR Sandbox code. However, there’s a Vrui way to simulate it. The local rain tool, like all other tools, is bound to an input device, such as the mouse. Vrui lets the user create an arbitrary number of virtual input devices dynamically, and then bind tools to them as to any other device.

Basic steps:

1. Create a new virtual input device with two buttons by selecting “Vrui System” -> “Devices” -> “Create Two-Button Device” from the main menu. This creates a grey wireframe box with two small cubes above it and one small cube below in the middle of the screen.

2. Bind a tool to control virtual input devices to the mouse. Press an unused mouse button or key, and select “User Interface” -> “Input Device Driver” -> “Ray-Based Driver” from the tool menu. Press the same button or key again to confirm.

3. Now you can pick up and move the grey wireframe box by pointing at it with the mouse and holding the button/key to which you assigned the ray-based driver tool. You can toggle the virtual device’s button by selecting either of the two cubes above the box with the same button/key. A “pressed” button turns green. The first time you press a button, the tool selection menu pops up. Now move the virtual device to highlight “Manage Water Locally,” then toggle the virtual button off. Toggle the other virtual button on and off to assign the “drain” function.

4. Now move the virtual device anywhere over the terrain, and toggle on its first button. It will start raining until you toggle the button off again.

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