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Oliver Kreylos

You can mount camera and projector at different heights, but the higher you go, the less mechanically stable it will be. You can also use a mirror to fold the projector’s light path. For example, if you had a 2.0 throw ratio projector, you could place the projector at the same level as the sandbox, and put a mirror at the same level as the Kinect. There are some examples of AR Sandboxes with mirrors on my “External Installations” page.

There is no graphics card that works perfectly; the AR Sandbox’s water simulation can bring pretty much anything to its knees under some circumstances due to its conservative (meaning, conserving physical quantities) nature. But an Nvidia GeForce 1050 works well enough that when it does stutter once in a while, you can bring it back by removing some water from the simulation. You could also use older GeForces such as GTX 960, 770, or 680, but you will get more stutter the further down you go.

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