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Suggest you create a directory under ~/src for your various scripts and custom items, such as ~/src/scripts

Create a new file something like and with your text editor copy the script file from
Save and then enable execution with chmod a+x ~/src/scripts/

Create new files for each of the conditions in in the same directory for example: with the syntax
cp ~/src/scripts/SurfaceAddWaterColor-Water.fs ~ /src/SARndbox-2.5/share/Shaders/SurfacceAddWatercolor.fs
and again enable execution as above

You need to ensure you have all appropriate .fs config files saved in the same scripts directory (or appropriately referenced if they’re elsewhere). You can find versions that work from

Once all that is in place, assign the key or button from the Tool Menu, using the option Utility/Script Executor

Hope that helps!

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