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Hello, I am also a student at a university who has been given the task of running the AR Sandbox on a Raspberry Pi. I assume you also do not have a dedicated graphocs card and are purely running the software off a Raspberry Pi alone? I have not been as successful as you seem to have been, as I am receiving several errors with installation. I have followed the “Complete Installation Instructions” provided on this site, and still have issues.

I read on here, under Common Issues (READ FIRST), that the calibrtion steps should be skipped unless unsatisfactory behavior results. Therefore, I completed steps 1-4 then skipped to step 11.

I must note that after running the script in step 4, I did not have this happen:
“The script run in the last command will ask you for your user’s password to install prerequisite libraries, and then build the Vrui VR toolkit. That will take a little while and produce lots of output, and at the end you’ll be greeted by a spinning globe in a window. Close that window and go back to the same terminal as before:”

No window opened with a spinning globe. I still proceeded to step 11.

When I tried to run the main application, I get the error:
0.155481 x 0.15066
Caught exception GLContext: Unable to open display default while initializing rendering window o
Caught exception Vrui::startDisplay: Could not create all rendering windows while initializing rendering windows

I am using a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with a Quad Core Broadcom BCM2836 CPU and 1GB RAM.

I read what to do with the GLContext error but the instructions on that did not help as I am not using a dedicated graphics card of any sort. Any suggestions?

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