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I am attempting to complete these steps on a Raspberry Pi 2 with QUAD Core Broadcom BCM2836 CPU and 1GB RAM. The device came with an 8GB micro SD card. I am also using the latese Kinect device that came out in Winter of 2014. I found a forum on here where someone stated they were able to run these steps successfully on a Raspberry Pi and I commented on that forum as well. Just thought I would post here to see if there are any suggestions for the error I am getting.

I started with Step 4 as I am running on Raspbarian (as mentioned in my previous post) and am NOT using a dedicated graphics card. I saw no reason to complete Step 3.

After issuing the commands in the first part of Step 4, I receive a GL error. I know that this error is mentioned above:

If you receive “GL Error: …” while running any of the Kinect or Sandbox applications, check that you have the proper vendor-supplied drivers for your graphics card installed. The AR Sandbox application will run poorly in software-emulated OpenGL mode.

I am not using any dedicated graphics card, just the Raspberry Pi, so I am not sure what to do when receiving this error. Here is the specific error:

Caught exception GLContext: Unable to open display default while initializing rendering window 0
Caught exception Vrui::startDisplay: Could not create all rendering windows while initializing renddering windows

This error was thrown after the response:
Running ShowEarthModel application. Press Esc or close window to exit.

No window popped up with a spinning globe as mentioned in the Complete Installation Instructions. I assume the error was thrown because the a window tried to render and was unable to do so. I am at a loss as what to do next?

Thank you,

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