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Hi, my name is Victor, I write from the Basque Country. I’m engineer, maker and practice permaculture in a farm with 4 acres. I discovered ARS one year ago and follow this forum since then. But login for first time in this week. The reason is I’ve made an ARS and have things to share about technical issues.

In my case , the frame has been fully made in wood. It has a normal projector (not a short throw) and I need adapt the frame to cope with this. I’ve used a mirror and goes well. I’ve designed and 3dprinted pieces with laywood to solve some issues (eg, to hold the mirror in place)

When I decided to make one my purpose was teach concepts about permaculture and water harvesting, keyline and so on, but it has so many applications… Fortunatelly I’m joined to other 3 people and created a talented and multidisciplinar team, we made a project and asked for public funds that have been approbed. In October will start a public exhibition in 5 schools and 4 cultural centers. One of them is the biggest in San Sebastian, a town with 200K inhabitants. We are very excited with this project, we will have the opportunity to raise awareness in environmental issues and tons of people will be reached.

Thanks a lot, David and all of you to make possible this amazing tool

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