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I replied to another post that seemed similar ( Here is what I wrote:

“My ARS is freezing as well. Happens within seconds of running the program.

– I can move the mouse.
– I press the right mouse button and the menu does show up.
– I can launch the scale bar
– I can sometimes add water locally, but this is choppy and the contour lines do not change.

– I reset the Kinect using the KinectUtil reset all, but this did not help.
– I tried using the -wts 320 240, but this is not working either.
– I adjusted the Performance Level on the Nvidia card to #3 135 MHz-1468 MHz …

Other info:
– drivers are up to date (Nvidia 346)
– GPU 0 – (GeForce GTX 970)
– LinuxMint 17.1 MATE (Downloading 17.2 now)
– Thermal sensor information = 48 C (while currently frozen)”

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